Hotel Prasad - A Divine Marvel

Prasad in literal sense means a gracious gift. Anything, usually an edible food, that is first offered to a Deity, Saint, Perfect Master or an Avatar and then distributed in His or Her name to their followers or others as a good sign. This thought inspired Mr. Nilesh Suryavanshi, to name his group of hotels as "Prasad - Food Divine". A customer is an Avatar of God in every sense and it is his moral duty to serve.

Not happy with the quality and taste of the food served in restaurants beyond Thane and the lack of service and hospitality, Nilesh decided to set out on a journey with an idea to delight the food lovers.

Started in 1996 in Kalyan only by selling Chinese Fast Food on a humble small cart at Tisgaon Naka, Nilesh Suryavanshi has come a long way in excelling customers expectations and changing their perception about the Restaurant Industry. His vision to give customers "an awesome dining experience" has indeed created new benchmark in the Hospitality Industry. The first Hotel Prasad was formally started in the year 1998 replacing the Chinese food joint.

Facing every challenges with a hearty smile and continuously adapting his business strategies as per moods and taste of the customer, today Prasad - Food Divine is successfully operational Hotels at Kalyan - East, Kalyan - West and Dombivli - West.

Over this many years customers have not only loved and appreciated the delicious taste of Prasad's food, but also enjoyed courteous hospitality and comfortable ambience at Prasad. Its beautifully crafted tagline coveys the highest standards followed in every aspect - be it preparing food in most hygienic environment or assisting the customers to feel comfortable and ensuring each one has a memorable experience of dining at Prasad.

Prasad serves a wide array of cuisines such as Punjabi, South Indian, Chinese, Continental & more. It is very different & offers an exclusive treat of mouthwatering Soups, Starters, Kebabs & Curries that everyone relishes. As one of the captain smilingly says "Start your meal experience with a selection of Mocktails & round off with a delicious Dessert."

Partying out with friends or looking for a cozy dinner with family, you will be inspired by the delicious food and warm hospitality. We hope you have a wonderful dining experience with us. This is an experience which marks respect bordering on reverence, both for food & to those whom it is served.

You will be inspired by our delicious food and warm hospitality. We hope you have a wonderful dining experience with us.